Educational animated series about friendship for children ages 2 to 4.

«Moonzy» — is an ideal license for companies that cater to preschool audiences. According to a Kidz Global survey, 97% of children recognize Moonzy, the lead character.
In 2015 this cartoon won a TEFI award in the “Program for Children and Youth” category.
The series is broadcast on the Carousel, Tlum HD, and Mult television channels. It is also available on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

13 years
on major channels
with unique personalities
6-minute episodes
for PCs and smartphones
3,8+million subscribers
on social media
7+billion views
on the official YouTube channel


An unusual little tyke who fell from the Moon to Earth.


A fast, tiny, smart, thorough and perpetually busy friend of Moonzy’s.


Dottie is a ladybug.


Two inseparable caterpillar twin brothers.


A nimble, agile, resourceful and gumptious grasshopper, Moonzy’s friend.


A kindly old bee. Took Moonzy in as her grandkid.


A hornet who is a retired General.


A pseudo-scary spider, feigning severity.


An earthworm, a local engineer, miner and inventor.


A self-important, ceremonious, well-mannered and brave gudgeon.


A torpid, wise turtle.


A voracious toad with minor developmental abnormalities.


An irritable leech, always cranky about everything.


A family of fireflies.

 As we learn in the first episode, Moonzy was hatched from an egg. Moonzy is covered with purple fur. He has two arms and two legs, double ears and a little tail. In the “A Little House” episode, they wonder if Moonzy is a lunar bee. And the “Name” episode explains where his name came from. The residents of the meadow grew very fond of Moonzy for his good nature, openness, compassion and desire to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Moonzy still needs to learn a lot of basic things and does not yet understand how the world works, but he is a quick learner, loves the planet and is keen on making it an even better and kinder place. He has settled with the bees – Granny Annie and General Stinger. Moonzy genuinely does not have a scheming, bragging, snooty or greedy bone in his body. He is guileless and naïve, which sometimes lands him in awkward situations, but when his friends help him realize his faux-pas, he does his best to make up for it as best he can, so as not to offend or aggrieve anyone. Moonzy is very polite, always listens closely to what others think and carefully considers it. He is not afraid to defend the weak and stand his ground. He tends to take everything literally: once, upon hearing the expression “throwing pancakes” (meaning: skipping stones), he thought that he was expected to throw real pancakes. Moonzy can breathe under water, so he often pays a visit to the inhabitants of the pond. Moonzy is 4–5 years old; his favorite toy is a doll called Lunya (international, pronounced Loonah).

He is a bee-child, hence the name. Weebee goes to school. He is the best pupil in the class, getting straight As, and is highly disciplined. He loves showing off the stuff he’s learned. He is empathic, and would never leave a friend in the lurch. He treats Dottie especially warmly, and regards her with affection. He respects his elders and is afraid of the dark. He is 6 years old.

She is a lovable, polite and kind little girl, but can occasionally be moody, touchy and whiny. Her name comes from the word “darling”, which captures her
best. She is good at drawing, knows a lot of interesting games, loves to build castles in the
sand, make mud pies and play “doctor”. She likes to lecture others, referring to all kinds
of rules. She has a soft spot for Weebee and treats him extra kindly. She cries often, but
knows how to pull herself together and be assertive when necessary. She is 5 years old.

At 7-8 years old, they are the oldest child characters in the series. They refer to Moonzy and his friends as “little squirts.” They are obnoxious, dopey, fussy, boorish, lazy and mischievous, and therefore constantly find themselves
in trouble. They love to tease butterflies. At the same time, they get over their snits and are
no strangers to the normal ups and downs of any child; they have their talents: they dance
well and make figurines out of grass. The “Talent Recognition” episode reveals Poopsie to be
a great actor. They are always ready to chew grass and eat berries. They dream of becoming
butterflies. In their dynamic duo, the more assertive and aggressive Woopsie usually takes
the lead. Poopsie, softer and more yielding, tends to go along as a sidekick. The caterpillars
often get into quarrels and even scuffles with each other, but always make up. Sometimes,
Woopsie and Poopsie do help Moonzy and his friends. Sometimes, they think that nobody
likes them, but that is certainly not the case. It is important that these characters are charming and not evil. According to the plot, the caterpillars are butterfly larvae. Them for 8 years.

His name stays
true to the fact that he is a grasshopper. He is fun, inquisitive and hyper. Skip often makes
decisions that lead to unfortunate consequences. It was Skip who became Moonzy’s first
friend after he fell from the Moon. Skip loves new games and adventures. He can be a bit
boastful at times. If friends have quarreled among themselves, he will try to sort it out and
reconcile everyone. However, he himself often does bad things and is in no hurry to own up
to them, but instead keeps quiet and pretends that he had nothing to do with it. Skip is very
inquisitive and readily shares his knowledge with Moonzy. However, his grasp on the world
is not always perfect. Even so, he – just as Moonzy – is always prepared to listen and learn.
Skip’s curiosity can get the better of him; sometimes when adults tell him not to do something, that is exactly what he will do. He was a bit afraid of a spider called Mr. Webber and a
toad called Klava, but then made friends with them and realized that they were not all that
scary. Skip is 5–5.5 years old.

Loves to cook and entertain, bakes delicious pies and buns and makes jam; she is very hospitable and generous. She deftly copes
with all the chores around the house. She is a model grandmother, who is infinitely kind,
wise and caring, sometimes a little strict, but always very tolerant of the children’s whims
and antics. She has several sisters who live far away and do not appear in the cartoon (but
she frequently flies off to visit them). She is 60–65 years old.

Took Moonzy in as his grandkid, together with his wife
Granny Annie. He loves Granny Annie, who affectionately calls him by his diminutive “Stingie
darling”. He keeps track of the order in the forest through a telescope. Overall, he is a good,
noble and brave old gent, but sometimes funny and clumsy, or even a bit cowardly. He loves
to eat. In the early episodes, Stinger is helpless around the house, but later gets the hang
of it and becomes a decent housekeeper and handyman. General Stinger’s claim to fame
is his “deadly backflip” (a triple somersault in the air). He is very fond of Moonzy and always
protects him whenever he gets in a sticky situation. General Stinger often organizes athletic
contests for the children, teaching them how to become stronger and exercise. He frequently attends generals’ rallies and enjoys reminiscing and talking about his days in the service
and past adventures. He is 60–65 years old.

In early episodes, Mr. Webber is portrayed as a dangerous and aggressive character that all the children are afraid of. But later, Mr. Webber turns out to be a mostly harmless creature, whose only menacing trait is his appearance. Deep down, Mr. Webber is kind and sentimental. When necessary, he will come to the rescue and give useful advice. He has many talents; however, he constantly doubts his creative abilities. He weaves artsy webs and writes poetry, likes to draw and play musical instruments – and can do so simultaneously. He loves his grandmother and regularly writes letters to her. He is 65 years old.

Greatly erudite and a jack of all trades, which earns him universal respect. He can resolve any
dispute. He feeds exclusively on plant roots and loves porridge too. He always presides as a judge
over contests and competitions. He lives in a burrow with plenty of tunnels and passages. He knows a wealth of scientific facts (about the solar eclipse, where dew comes from etc.) and always
tells them to Moonzy and other children. He wears glasses and a construction helmet (which he removes only on hot days). He is 65 years old.

He maintains order and tranquility around the pond. He likes to play checkers. He does not like hustle and bustle. He likes for things to be spick and span, so he sometimes arranges tidying events and neighborhood cleanups. He is 50–55 years old.

She loves festivities and knows how to throw a ball. She lives in a large house under the water. She is a master bead maker. She is 80 years old.

She eats anything that moves and whatever does not move she gets to move and then eats. She can be very clumsy because of her large size, so everyone is a bit fearful around her. But she is very kind and cherishes her friends. She does not say much, and speaks sporadically; her vocabulary is minimal. She is 13 years old. She seldom appears in the series.

It is extremely rare to catch her in a good and amiable mood. In some episodes, she exhibits a yearning for peace and quiet, like all adult residents of the pond. She loves to sleep. She
dislikes it when Moonzy and other land dwellers are in or near the pond. She is 55 years old. She
is seldom seen in the series.

 They are nocturnal. The youngest, Timmy and Dinny, are friends with Moonzy. However, due to significant differences in their daily cycles, they wind up having very little time to hang out. They rarely appear in the series.

A glimpse

into the new season

New adventures of Moonzy and his friends

Coming this year:
- The series will convert to a 3D format
- A new character will be introduced!

Little Moonzy will continue to explore the earth and meet its inhabitants.


Procter & Gamble launched a “Take Your First Step Together with Moonzy” campaign.

With the purchase of a pack of diapers, consumers receive a promotional item featuring the cartoon character: a toy, magazine, cloth, or sports article.

April 2017

Launch of the special offer and advertising campaign