Animated series about family values for children ages 4 to 8

«The Barkers»
ВThe plot focuses on the everyday life of the Barkers children, who live in the city of Dogburg. As they face various challenges, Rosie, Max, Alex, Liza, and Kid learn to help each other, handle difficulties together, grow up, and understand their parents.
The series is broadcast on the Carousel, Tlum HD, and Mult television channels. It is also available on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

8 years
on major channels
9 characters
with unique personalities
5-minute episodes
12 million
mobile app downloads for iOS and Android
4,3+ million subscribers
on social media
4,8+ billion views
on the official YouTube channel


The eldest child in the family.


A happy, lazy and silly puppy, who has serious problems at school


Alex is immersed in science, a little shy in his dealings with other kids, pedantic and a bit of a bore.


Liza is the younger daughter, with fiery red hair.


The youngest in the Pooches family, very kind and naïve, but wise beyond his years.


The man of the house.


She once had a small role in a TV ad, and since then thought of it as her first step toward movie stardom.


A former sailor, he likes to talk about his incredible adventures.


Max and Rosie’s pal, he’s a neighbor of the Pooches.

A fashion-conscious blonde beauty, she spends a lot of time in front of the mirror and is very popular at school thanks to her looks. She dreams of becoming a singer and actress, but has no voice or ear for music. It doesn’t stop her from lip-synching though. She is 9 years old.

his poor grades are a constant source of worry for his parents. He is a troublemaker who gets up to plenty of mischief. He is very inquisitive, which often lands him in sticky situations. He loves sports, especially soccer, but prefers to choose opponents younger than himself. He dreams of becoming a soccer star. He’s 7 years old.

He reads a lot of books, sets up experiments, has his own laboratory and wants to make a significant contribution to science and be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. He doesn’t like the daily hustle and bustle or playing “dumb games” with other kids. He is 8 years old.

She loves sweets and has her eyes on Rosie’s stuff. Like Rosie, she dreams of becoming a singer, but is just as lousy at it. Liza is a very responsible and brave little girl, but likes to snitch on others. She is 6 years old.

He clowns around quietly, and is always forgiven. He is 5 years old.

He is always working; even when he’s at home he’s either on the computer or reading the newspaper. He likes to spend the precious little spare time that he has with his family, whom he adores. He wears glasses for his considerable nearsightedness. He rarely appears in the series. He is 35 years old.

But since Dad Pooch is always busy, she has to take care of the kids and the home. She sometimes prefers ordering pizza to cooking. She rarely appears in the series. She is 33 years old. 

He is eccentric and forgetful. The children love him very much. He rarely appears in the series. He is 75 years old.

He wears a jumpsuit and a sports jacket with his name “TIMA” on it. He’s in love with Rosie, but too shy even to go over and talk to her. A sluggish, good-natured type. He’s 9 years old.

A glimpse

into the new season

The family is heading to the countryside for the whole season. You might think this would be boring... But for restless puppies there will be lots of adventures: a berry thief is sneaking around during the night, a Loch Ness monster is living in the lake, and the superhero Old Dog is roaming the village.

The Barkers will be spending their vacation at a summer cottage!

Meanwhile, we are always adding to our great collection of exciting ideas for the licensees!



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